Press W or S to start playing !!!

In game, you are a space voyager and you have to avoid little pieces of asteroid to survive. (I know spaceship looks like a sperm but I like that variant too :) )

YOU WILL take damage for moving too much.

This game is made for LCD-jam ( - jam link).

`450 line GAME is hand-written by me just for LCD jam. Js is used in development of this engine. Goal was to not move the objects, instead we had to flash into different states of position. With js, game has preset path  for every object. Except, i cheated a little and made the enemies Y position random to  make game more challenging and fun (sorry but game was no fun without it, i will work on it). Text is not LCD mode because writing lcd letter and number engine would take way more than 2 days that we have to make game for jam. (I don't want to use premade commercial engine either)

Game screen has original Gameboy screen's dimensions (160x144)

PS game is open-source and you can see what solutions i used not to make objects move or overlap. You can freely copy my way of creating layer effect.

BTW annoying music is written by me.. :) sorry I know no one who can write good music. edit:  I cut that music out, it was annoying. you can buy it now,  so i will have money to buy Drawing tablet :).

Whole game is 100 Kb so it won't be problem to download and play offline. You can also bookmark this page to play it offline.


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